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Roccoco Botanicals 

Skin Care crafted with care 

Roccoco product being used in a facial

Our Story

Roccoco Botanicals grew from humble beginnings, starting as a consumer brand that was formulated from our founder, Jacine's, kitchen bench.  With her own skin concerns, and her children having eczema, dermatitis and lately acne, Jacine embarked on a journey to resolve these skin conditions and repair the skins barrier. The Roccoco we use and love today is a culmination of years of Research and technical knowledge.

Our Products 

At Roccoco, we believe in supporting and repairing the skin barrier.  It was out of the desire and belief that there must be a better way to treat acne and sensitive skins that Roccoco was birthed.  

 Many of our products contain 85% or more botanical ingredients, with some being 100% natural.  We ensure the ingredients we source have the utmost respect for our skin barrier and deliver unparalleled results. We achieve real results without the side effects and irritation.  


Roccoco is proud to be cruelty free and does not test on animals.

Roccoco serum

Our Products 

Cleansers and Treatment Essences 

Treatment Serums 

Exfoliants and Masks


Eye Cream, Body care & Hair care