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Neurocosmedics by Ginger & Me 

Welcome to Neurocosmedics by Ginger & Me, a result-driven and luxurious Australian beauty brand that invites you to embrace the practice of mindfulness and the power of positive thinking as you indulge in the ultimate self -love and care; skin, mind, body and gifting rituals.  

Our philosophy hinges on the core belief that skin health can only be achieved via a holistic approach that begins with inner peace and results in an outer glow.  

An industry first, Neurocosmedics is designed to target an emerging science in skin aging known as neuro-agingand inflammaging.  This acknowledged by rarely addressed science is based on the latest research on the skin-brain connection and focuses primarily on the effects o internal and external stress and the profound impact it has on the way skin responds, reacts and consequentially ages at a much faster rate than we've ever understood. 

The heart and soul of neurocosmedics is curated throughout the entire range in a collection of words of affirmation, inspiration and empowerment tied in the product, packaging and treatments. 

Our Products

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