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Our Memberships 

Get ready to experience the ultimate VIP treatment package with our Skin Plan Memberships!

Our plans are all about delivering amazing results and helping you become the best version of yourself. Choose from our pre-written or personalised options and get ready to glow like never before!

Each plan comes with the added extras as a Beauty Is... VIP


Personal is our skin plan written just for you!

Would you like 3 x Core Conditioning Facials? 1x Dermapen? And 1 x Celluma LED? 

Would you like this over 1 year and pay fortnightly?

You got It!

Maybe a skin plan based over 6 months, including your skincare products, paid weekly would work best for you? 

All yours!

Whatever your best fit is - we've got it. You just need to book your consultation and we can take it from there 

Facial Treatment

Our Pre-written memberships



12 Core Conditioning facials - one per month with carefully selected products and treatments tailored to your skins needs and wants.  

$120 per facial, $1440 per year, $27.70 per week 

VIP Membership bonus; 

Free eyebrow shape & tint, saving you $30 per month 

Is this for you?

Just scan the QR code to get started

Enhance Membership QR code



Enjoy 12 Roccoco advanced dermal facials per year.  Your choice of one of our recommended correction facials or our Ruby Crystal Stone facial to love your skin back to life!


$169 per facial, $2,028 per year
$39 per week

VIP Member bonus;

Free Midnight Crystal sheet mask, or Peptide Sheet mask to take home saving you $30-36 per month 

A Roccoco Lover? Then this is the plan for you.  Scan the QR code to make it yours 

Evolve Membership QR code



The ultimate results driven skinplan!

Mix and match alternate months with one Dermapen treatment and one core facial.


$2,400 per year, $46.15 per week

VIP Membership bonus; 

Free eyebrow shape & Tint with core facial saving you $30

Free clinic upgrade including micro needling décolleté and addition of Überpeel saving you $50

A fab choice, you skin lover you! Get scanning to get started 

Elevate Membership QR code



When only Dermapen will do!

Choose between 6 or 12 treatments per year.


6 facials - one facial every two months, $280 per facial, $1,680 per year or $32,30 per week.


12 facials - one facial per month, $280 per facial, $3,360 per year or $64.61 per week.

VIP Member bonus:

Free clinical upgrade to include micro needling décolleté and application of ÜberPeel saving you $50 per treatment 

Simply the best! Scan your choice below 

Simply Dermapen 6 Membership QR code
Simply Dermapen 12 Membership QR code

Embellish - your at home skincare subscription

Four simple steps

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